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Air Travel

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Q: Air travel only brings advantages to the rich people. But the majority of people do not benefit from it. To what extent do you agree?

The proliferation of air technology has changed our world, air travel is one of the most welcome transport type. There is a viewpoint that only rich people enjoy the benefits brought by air travel. I do not support this opinion.

Nowadays, air transport is a part of public transportation and air travel is afforded by people. Most of the seats installed in every airliner serve the common passengers. Rich people could choose first class or business class, even though they felt more comfortable, the fly experience, safety, the convenient and time-saving brought by air travel are all the same as well as economic class. As the air plane technology is advancing and globe air transport market competition is fiercer, cheap air travel has been born which bring many benefits to public. The engineers will make air plane flying longer with less fuel-consumption, meanwhile, the competition, in the same airline, gasping more passengers, between many air companies give more choice to individuals who can choose the No. depend on their situation, specifically, such as money, time and position.

On the other hand, corporate jet is too expensive to afforded by common individual. Although personal car is afforded by common family, the price of small airplane are accepted only by rich people, so that free flying is a dream that many person having. Only small part of rich people have their own airplane and air port, due to the high maintain fee. It is evident that air transport technology could be used in other field. Scientists and engineers are inventing flycars, combined with fly abilities, the new transport which can resolve a serious problem – traffic congestion in city. Once this product come to realistic, everyone will enjoy a cheap, fast and convenient flying experience as their wish, sound like in the film .

At all, since airplane...


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