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Whether it’s baking cake or walking on the moon, energy is involved in everything we do. Energy comes in many forms such as heat (thermal), light (radiant), motion (kinetic), electrical, chemical, nuclear energy and gravitational. For any action to form there is always entailed conversion or change as we prefer energy transformation. Energy transformation is the crucial process that always occurs in our everyday basis. Transformation both happens in nature and within people. An energy transformation can transfer from one type of energy to another type or from one area to another area.
Greenhouse is an impeccable example to demonstrate energy transformation; in this case radiant energy will transfer into thermal energy.
Throughout this EEI, a simple model of greenhouse will be constructed. From this experiment, the purpose is to acknowledge the principal of energy transformation, in this case light transfer to heat energy. Variables that affect the heating process will be evaluated. Relate the information with the actual process that happens in our atmosphere.
Long waved radiation increases temperature inside a container. Time of the day is factors that affect temperature inside covered jar. It is hypothesized that the jar with covered glass will melt more than 3 times faster than the one without the cover.
Materials needed:
• Two identical glass jars
• 4 200ml of ice cubes
• Glass
• Stop watch
• Thermometer
Thermometer is placed under direct sunlight for about few minutes in order for it to stabilize and give the most accurate readings.
Exterior temperature is recorded
Two identical glass jars is prepared.
200ml of ice cube is added in each jar
One jar is covered by a glass
Both jars is left in the sun until the ice cubes in both jar are completely melted
The melting time of each jar is carefully recorded and compared
Data was collected and processed
Greenhouse is a perfect example of illustrate...


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