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Racism in United States

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Most People in the world today would say that there is still racism. Racism affects people every day. Whether it’s a joke that seems harmless or it’s a group of people separated from other groups. There is many towns and cities that are somewhat segregated.

First off you can just look at the president he is African American. He is very brave to even run just because of the color of his skin. Many people vote for him just for that reason. That goes to show you that there is still racism in this country. People make such a big deal about the U.S having a black president, but I thought it was just another president. Sure it’s a big step against racism, but some people just take it too far. “Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk Martin Luther walked so Barrack Obama could run”.

Secondly, segregation is another one of the big problems. There might not seem like segregation is still around, but it is just not as noticeable as it used to be. I see it even in our school and in stores. An example is in stores whenever an African American male walks in employees and clerks act like they are going to do something illegal. A majority of cities are still segregated from the north, south, east, and west sides of the cities. I think that all the stereotypes of African Americans are ridiculous reasons to disrespect people.

There are also many different racial groups. One of those groups are the Ku Klux Klan, they were against civil rights and black people in general. This group does many things to discriminate against African Americans. Most of the things and acts of violence that they did were outlawed. Some of the things that the (KKK) did to African Americans were torturing them by killing, beating and verbally abusing African Americans.

In the past African Americans have had very limited rights. Rich white men of the south used African Americans as slaves. They were treated as property and not human beings and some people think that is how it should...


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