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Basic Strategy

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The key dimensions of an organizational strategy basically describe a business’s overall game plan of action which defines the competitive position of the organization and futuristic uncertainties. In order to achieve competitive advantages the key dimensions focus on the organizations resource strengths because it implements a successful strategy.   Business managers of an organization should be creative, more innovative, and risk taking while focusing on innovation and growth.   Strategies take the longest time to be implemented but they make up the formation of the organization (The mission, the vision, goal/purpose, and objective).
It is relevant that an organization’s management have a strategic mindset/think strategically. Strategic management is the application of strategic thinking to the job of leading an organization.   Strategic thinking focuses on finding and developing opportunities to create value. It also involves gathering information, formulating ideas, and planning action. Strategic thinking means asking, "Are we doing the right thing?" Perhaps, more precisely, it means making that assessment using three key requirements about strategic thinking: a definite purpose in mind; an understanding of the environment, particularly of the forces that affect or impede the fulfillment of that purpose; and creativity in developing effective responses to those forces. An organization is most responsive to change in the environment when decisions are made by those individuals closest to the problems. Responsibility and decision making are pushed further down in an organization. Individuals closest to the problem have the most information on which to base an intelligent decision.

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