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The Social Network

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The Social Network

It is quite surprising to know the impact that kids have on society and how they change the thinking process of individuals. With all the various new technology available to everyone out there, there are many new concepts that are being developed.   Little known to the individual, their new ideas bring out the personality of the individual and how they are being viewed by society.   Mark Zuckerberg, a character in the movie The Social Network is portrayed as the genius who invented Facebook, a social network for students at Harvard University. This entire concept of Facebook started with Facemash, a website that allowed the male student body In Harvard to rate girls on their attractiveness: Of course, this was all being done on one night while being drunk; it was also the night he got dumped by his girlfriend. Being personally rejected took a big toll on him and made him want the need to be known. Every individual has a fear of rejection but in truth if the individual has not been rejected in their life they will never learn something from failing. The rejection that Mark Zuckerberg felt, gave him ambition and the will power to make himself known to society.
The whole concept of Facebook starts on the night that Zuckerberg gets dumped by his girlfriend because of the attitude that he has and his behavior towards other who may have a better standing in the society socially. From what was seen in the movie, it was the first time that Zuckerberg had been rejected and felt that he was socially underdeveloped. This rejection by his girlfriend gave him the idea of coming up with the concept of Facemash, the website that rated girls. He was wildly known for and praised by some of the males in the society, but despised by the females.
The concept of Facebook did not come to him until he came across the Winklelevoss who had the idea of Harvard Connection.   The Winklelevoss has every aspect of the social life Zuckerberg wanted: entrance...


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