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A Family Place

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Quezon City Circle: A Family Place
It takes around 15 to 25 minutes to get to the Quezon City Circle from Katipunan. However, in our case, it took us one hour to get there. We couldn’t decide whether we should ride a jeepney or a cab. We chose the latter because it would directly take us there and it’s faster – although it took us a long time to find a vacant cab. On our way, I was imagining what QC Circle looks like, since it’s my first time to go there. I thought it was just a big circular park with a monument in the middle and benches where people can sit while watching the cars rush by in the elliptical road surrounding it. But when we got there, the Quezon City Circle was far from what I imagined.
When we were roaming around, I noticed that there were a lot of families. I thought that maybe, this place is usually where families go to. I asked myself why. I found the answer to be quite obvious. QC Circle offers many activities where families can definitely enjoy, and it has nice features to look at that will entertain families, especially children. With my observations, I suppose that Quezon City Circle is a simple, yet perfect place to spend time and share good memories with family.
When I entered the place, the first thing I saw was the playground called Circle of Joy. It has swings, slides, see-saws and other fun activities. Seeing it somehow gives me a nostalgic feeling. I remember the times when my parents used to accompany me to the playground when I was a child. Having a Circle of Joy makes QC Circle a child friendly place.
Beside the Circle of Joy is a bicycle station where people can rent bicycles or sidecars for hours. It is a convenient way for a family to roam around the QC Circle because it’s not so tiring compared to walking. However, I think it’s safer to just walk around because, according to the person we interviewed, there are some bicycle accidents – like the one we saw during our first visit in QC Circle where a woman riding a...


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