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Politics in the 1800's

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Politics In The 1800’s

The Jeffersonian Republicans and the federalists held very different views on a variety of different issues.   My opinion on the two was that the Jeffersonian republicans wanted a strong state government, and the federalists wanted a strong federal government.   The federalists led by Alexander Hamilton and John Adams thought that the government should be run by the rich and the wealthy and in their view the best people , they believed in a broad analysis of the constitution, that they saw as a document that should evolve as the country grew. The main supporters of the federalists were northern business owners, they thought that industry and manufacturing was best for the economy and for the growth of the nation and eventually self-sufficiency. They were also all in favor of a national banking system and they also wanted a strong central government.

The Jeffersonian republicans led by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Andrew Jackson believed more in state rights. The republicans wanted a government that centered on state governments because they believed that a powerful central government posed a threat to an individual s liberty. The main supporters of this party were mostly the southern states, southern plantation owners, and small northern farmers that feared big government.   They wanted the so called middle man to be the center of America’s economy, and they had a strict analysis of the constitution and wanted to follow it.   The Jeffersonian republicans also feared the national banking system.   So I guess the one thing if any that the two parties shared was that they did believe in the preservation of liberty and the overall well being of the human nature.

The Federalists party gradually evolved into the National Republican Party and the supporters of Andrew Jackson would evolve into the Democratic Party.   I don’t really know too much about politics in today standards, I mean I watch the news and I try to figure out what’s...


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