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African Musical Instrument

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African Musical Instrument

Item#: FKE002
Short Djembe Drum-Lg: 12"x12"x10"Short Djembe Drum Large. Communication tool of ancient Africa. Drum for musical festivals. |
Item#: FKE001
Short Djembe Drum: 10"x10"x8"Djembe talking drum. An ancient communication tool of the African. |

Item#: AC211
Mask Djembe Drum . (17"x 11") An ancient talking drum of West Africa.

Item#: AC212
Hand Carved African CD RackOdum Wood |

Item#: AC186-A
AFRICAN MARACAS LG. - 10' long: An ancient African musical instrument used in musical festivals forMade of gourd and beads |
Item#: AC070-B
DJEMBE DRUM-MEDIUM: (22" x 11" W/Top)A great musical instrument to have. |

Item#: AC070
Large Dono Talking Drum: (18" L x 8"W)Large Dono Drum |
Item#: AC001-B
Xylophone Musical Instrument - Sm. (11 X 5in.).MADE IN GHANA: Ancient traditional musical instrument of West Africa. |

Item#: AC001-A
Xylophone - Lg.(22 x 6in.) MADE IN GHANA: Ancient African Musical instrument of West Africa. |
Item#: AC070-A
Dono Talking Drum - Sm (15"L x 7"W)The talking drum is played by squeezing the drum under arm while beating the drum with the stick to generate different sounds.

Item#: AC072
Dagomba Dundum Drum (H 24" x W 14" x 48" C)DAGOMBA DUNDUM TALKING DRUM:Dundum talking drum is one of the ancient talking drums of West Africa. The drum has two faces and the drummer can drum from both faces at same time. One of the well deep sounded drums available today. Add it to your home decor or to your drum circle group. Dimensions:H 24" x W 14" x Diameter 48" |
Item#: AC071-BJ
Baby Djembe Drum (11ins H x 7ins W. Top)Baby Djembe Drum: Now you can introduce your little little ones early to one of the ancient drums of African. The famous African Djembe drum is now available to your children to enjoy.

Item#: AC070-BJ
Baby Djembe Drum (11ins x 7ins. W(Top)Baby Djembe Drum: Now you can introduce your little little ones early to one of the ancient drums of African....


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