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Women Rights

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Women’s Rights

  1. Women followed England’s example
        a. Running in front of horses
  2. 1848 – Seneca Falls
        a. Declaration of Sentiments
  3. Organizations:
        a. 1869 – NWSA
          a. fighting in Congress
      b.   1869 - AWSA
a.   fighting in states
      c.   1966 – NOW
a.   equality in workplace
      3.   Federal Acts
      a.   1893 – CO lets women vote
      b.   1920 – 19th Amendment
        c.   1960 – FDA approves birth control pills
        d.   1963 – Equal Pay Act
        e.   1973 – Roe vs. Wade
        a.   safe and legal abortion
        f.   1978 – Pregnancy Discrimination Act
        g.   1994 – Violence Against Women Act

  1. Women’s Role
        a. no vote, husband has control, no property unless widowed
        b. women are few in the west / have more power
  2. 1920’s
        a. flappers, new ideas of women
          a. seen as deteriorating society
          b. clothing shorter – WWI rationing
                a. showing knees, calve
        b.   birth control
        a.   women have power to control life
        c.   Car - changed dating
        d.   Alcohol
        a.   women drinking in bars, more equal
  3. 1930’s – Great Depression
        a. huge destruction of family unit
          a. women becoming breadwinners
            b.   FDR – 1st woman in cabinet
      a.   Eleanor Roosevelt – fought for everyone
  4. 1940’s – WWI
        a. Rosie the Riveter
        b. Sexual Evolution
              i. Sinatra, bobbysoxers
            ii. Relationships pushed with men going to war
  5. 1950’s – Return to Normalcy
        a. backwards movement / women back to the home
              i. gov’t told women to return home
                    1. housing boom – track homes
        b. advertising
              i. TV consumerism   - products for women in the home
            ii. Ideal mother - Leave it to Beaver etc.
  6. 1960’s & 70’s...


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