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Social Trends Prevailing in Pakistan Regarding Women Right

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Social trends prevailing in Pakistan regarding women rights:
At the time when the rest of the religion considered women in society with no rights, slaves and daughters were buried alive. They were guided by the Holy Quran and Hadiths. Islam acknowledges women rights and justice to women. A woman in Islam has high status.1400 years ago women had all the basic rights given by Islam.Our country Pakistan is developing country where countless issues of corruption and injustice are in every field of life. The literacy rate is only 2 to 3 percent. Pakistani women have suffered quietly for many years in the name of custom and tradition. In the rural and backward areas of Pakistan they do not carry equal status at birth as baby boys are always wished and welcomed, but on birth of girl mostly they don’t feel happy. But it is not in Islam to welcome baby boy and feel bad on birth of girl. Mostly in Pakistan women are thought week and less beneficial product to parents as they are supposed to get married and take care of her home and family, but in Islam women has economically status. From the earliest days greater financial security is to be assured for women to keep properties and income for their security. A women working outside are supposed to fulfill all duties at home as well as at work place. In Pakistan mostly it happens girls are prepared to become showpiece in front of the other people who come to see her and decide about their son’s partner and if they don’t like her and her family they reject her but in Islam. In Pakistan some treatments are done with women in the backward areas like sexual harassment involves unwanted sexual attention that may be staring, passing remarks, following a woman in public places, touching. This offence which is punishable under law. Forced marriage is also main issue in Pakistan, where in Islam marriage is allowed for women of her own wish. in our society divorcee and widows have no respect in society unless they are rich or belonging...


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