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School and Community Relationship

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School and Community Relationship
According to dictionary relationship is the connection between two or more people or groups and their involvement with one another, especially as regards the way they behave toward and feel about one another. One of these relationships is between the school and community for they have common goal, to produce/develop a productive individual in a society.
We could never achieve something without the help of someone. To make good things better, we must collaborate, one could not built a school by himself.   It needs the community no matter he denies it. A school’s vision and mission would never be possible if the community where the institute lies was not willing to take part of the process of achieving it. The school and community must show a harmonious relationship.
In every decision-making, the school always seeks consultation from the community-parents. The school recognize the presence of the community by asking for it reactions, comments and suggestions on that will help to improve the students welfare. It explains/disseminates well the information about the new programs, project before it implements. The school also reports not only it achievement but the students as well.
The community-parents, in other way around they are willing to participate in every activities of the school. Parents give their opinions, which they know it will be a big help. They always attending in every call of the school, they give their time for it. They support the programs and projects of the school.
The school and community make decisions and resolutions together, participate in a project together, and dream together to have a good institution for the students. Without one of these it will never been functional and there will be no productive, initiative and innovative individual in a society.


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