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Pure Communication

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Pure Communication

It has been said that music is the expression of one’s heart and soul. Music is capable of saying that which words and speech alone cannot articulate. Song lyrics when taken out of the context of song and placed into verbal speech become melodramatic. People within modern Western culture appreciate music as a higher level of expression and are therefore more sympathetic and willing to believe the message of a song more readily than that of words delivered via regular speech. Even though the message and feelings behind verbal communication might be equal to those given through song, the effects on the recipient or listener are vastly different. In part this is due to the fact that people are aware that they cannot say all that they wish to say without social repercussion. When one bares emotion too bold-facedly, one is at serious risk of being perceived as ridiculous or insincere. Music however, remains the exception to this social misunderstanding. For these reasons music can justly be considered the “pure” form of communication.

Although history has recounted countless tales of impassioned speeches from great leaders, it is through music that the everyday ordinary soul can find release and catharsis. Certain figureheads such as political, artistic and economic leaders will always have a place within the Western community for emotive speech. Oration is a long-standing tradition that will continue to thrive in the upper echelons of society. The expectation that these captains of modern civilization will share their inner most feelings and heart-felt messages is a necessity to their success. However, this small percentage of people is hardly the normative majority. Music then, is for masses. It is how the everyday man can express himself and find familiarity in the naked emotions of their kin without shame or embarrassment. There is no stage and no global audience awaiting the words of the average citizen. Music remains the vehicle through...


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