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Schools as Organisations

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2.5 Schools as Organisations
There are 4 main types of state and independent schools that are funded by local authorities –
Community Schools
Foundation and Trust Schools
Voluntary Schools (Voluntary Aided and Voluntary Controlled)
Specialist Schools

They are all regulated by Ofsted and follow the national curriculum.

Community Schools
A Community school is run by the local authority.
They employ their staff.
They own the land and buildings.
They decide on the admissions policy.
They develop strong links with the local community.
They hold adult classes.

Foundation and Trust Schools
They are run by the governing body.
They employ the staff.
The land and buildings are owned by the governing body or charitable organisation.
They set the admissions criteria.
A Trust school will form a charitable trust with an outside partner, such as a business.
They buy in any support services.
The governing body and parents are responsible on the decision to become a trust school.

Voluntary Schools
Voluntary aided schools are mainly religious or faith schools, but can be attended by any religion.
They are run by their governing body.
The land and buildings is usually owned by a religious organisation or charity.
Partly funded by the local education authority, charity and governing body.
Voluntary controlled schools are run and funded by the local authority.
They employ their own staff.
Again, a religious organisation or charity usually own the land and buildings.

Specialist Schools
Usually secondary schools can apply for specialist status to develop 1 or 2 subject specialism.
They receive additional government funding.
They can apply for specialist school status to be given for special educational needs.
Eg’s of Specialist Schools – Language Colleges, Technology Colleges, Business and Enterprise Colleges.

There are schools that are not funded by the local education authority.

Independent Schools
Fees are paid by parents...


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