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School Base Activity

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Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Year 2
School-Based Work
Module SSW2001
2009- 2010
Head of School Partnerships: Ms Gail Eason
Module Co-ordinator:
Tel: 028 90384364
Email: g.eason@stran.ac.uk
School-based work (SBW) lies at the heart of your professional preparation. It occurs
in each year of the undergraduate programme and represents a half module in Year 1
rising progressively to represent 2 modules in Year 4. Many parts of your programme
contribute to your professional development – Education Studies, including Teaching
Studies, and Curriculum Studies.
As part of the School Based Work Module/s in each year of the undergraduate
programme there will be a session devoted to:
Pattern of SBW Activities – Day Visits and Blocks
Teaching Requirements for Blocks
Assessment of Blocks
Overall Assessment of SBW
Pattern of School Based Work
You will be placed in a school for a year.
In Year 2 you will have 2 Day Visits (4th & 5th February 2010 – one day in
Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1 and the second day in Key Stage 2) before a 6-week
teaching block before Easter.
Visits are to allow you to discuss your teaching programme with your host teachers.
The 6-week teaching block comprises of:
Key Stage 2 – 8th to 26 th March 2010 (3 weeks – weeks 21 -23)
Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1 – 19th April to 7th May 2010
(3 weeks – weeks 22-24)
This will be organised as follows:
Key Stage 2 class
2 days of observation (Monday 8th & Tue 9th March)
Start teaching on Wednesday 10th March –do 1 lesson that day
Thursday 11th March –do 2 lessons that day
Friday 12th March – do 3 lessons that day.
Students should do 3 lessons per day after that – with 2 lessons on a Wednesday
Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1 class
1 day of observation (Monday 19th April )
Tuesday 20th April - teach 1 lesson
Wednesday 21st April - teach 2 lessons
Thursday 22nd April – teach 3 lessons
Students should do 3 lessons per day after that – with 2 lessons on a Wednesday.
Module content
In the context...


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