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Home Schooling vs Public Schools

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Some people maintain that public schools have an edge over home schooling, given the fact that the majority of students go to public schools. Indeed, public schools do have certain strengths in interpersonal relationships, government support, resources and the like. However, looking closely into this matter, we can find pros and cons in both ways of education.

The obvious benefit of public schools is that students can know more people, and thus may be more sociable and confident when they begin their adult lives. Another pro is the all-round development due to various creative activities, such as theater and bands. Since the public schools are funded, students have more study resources, including libraries and intranets. Nonetheless, peer pressure, bullying and teachers’ lack of care or teasing about students’ mistakes may lead to low self-esteem, psychological problems or even violent reactions. Gunshots towards classmates and teachers on school campuses are gaining growing concerns nowadays.  

Now let’s take a look at home schooling. As a matter of time, home schooling is the foundation stone at the early stage of children’s education, which passes on mother tongue and common sense. It is an essential way of enlightenment about children’s perception of the world. Adequate homeschooling improves children’s intelligence and prepares them for public schools. By paying undivided attention to the needs of children, parents or tutors are able to impart knowledge efficiently. Moreover, children have more freedom to choose what they want to learn, and do not have to suffer peer pressure or bullies. Despite the appreciable advantages of homeschooling, it is likely to retard children’s sociability and therefore casts a shadow over their future lives. Here is an example about an eliminated contestant of a model competition in the famous TV show - America’s Next Top Model. The girl, who was home schooling based, turned out to be introverted, dependent on her mother,...


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