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Private Cars vs Public Traffic - Short Essay

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As traffic problems become more and more serious in many cities of developed and developing countries, their governments have to try hard and loads of money and energy have been spent to deal with them.
Firstly, it is not efficient for the commuters to use their private cars to and back from their workplaces. Occasionally we can see they have to sit on the wheels wasting time and fuel in a heavy traffic jam. At the same time, through burning the fossil fuels, green house gas CO2, CO1, acid rain gas SO2, fumes and dusts are being released into the atmosphere, all of which heavily overload the environment. Thirdly, with the increase of private cars, the road traffic accidents are also rise dramatically. For example, in a city with 5000 cars, there will be at least 250 accidents happening everyday, which also burden the public healthy services.
On the contrary, expected public traffic may be an ideal solution to these problems. For example city buses and railways are widely used or being constructed by many cities. People can take buses easily, which can be found every 10 minutes or less in the peak time. Actually, Nottingham Transport Company is building its own light railway in the city, which is announced by the speak man of the company, “It will be completed in the next year, the tickets will be very competitive and at the same time the travel will be very safe and comfortable.”

On the other hand, public traffic had its own disadvantages. Usually it cannot provide door-to-door service. It is inconvenient to go shopping by public vehicles. Sometimes you must wait a long time for the train. And quite a lot of people prefer to enjoy driving.
In conclusion, developing the public traffic is a useful approach to deal with these difficulties. One possible way, if not the best, is to taxi private cars heavily and use these revenues to provide citizens cheaper public traffic services.


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