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Jane Eyre 7

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Jane Eyre
      In this novel, Jane Eyre faces many conflicts that keep her away from achieving
happiness.   The most significant conflict is on Jane’s wedding day.   At the wedding
ceremony, when the priest asks if anybody objects to the ceremony, Mr. Mason and a
stranger interrupt and explain that Rochester already has a wife, named Bertha who is
kept in the attic and cared for by Grace Poole. She is faced with this conflict between
her love for Mr. Rochester and her need to be happy.   Even though Jane still loves Mr.
Rochester, she cannot allow herself to become his mistress; she has been a mistress
for too long. So, Jane decides to leave Thornfield.   I think the climax in this novel is after
Jane receives her second marriage proposal from St. John. St. John asks Jane to go
with him to India as his wife and a partner for his missionary. Jane thinks long and hard
about this proposal and has a hard time saying “no” but she knows that marrying St.
John would not be the right choice. Jane doesn’t have that love and affection toward
him like she did toward Mr. Rochester. Finally, Jane makes her decision; with the
answer being “yes” until she hears Rochester’s voice ringing in her head, calling her
name telling her she must go and find him. Jane goes back to Thornfield and finds
Rochester’s house burned. She finds out that Rochester’s original wife, Bertha burnt it
down and died in the fire. Jane then goes to Rochester’s home in Ferndean where Jane
and Rochester get married and stay together for ten years. Once they think it’s time
after ten years they have their first baby boy.   Jane goes through many struggles ever
since she was very little. When she was little she was just a poor orphan girl with
nothing to help her in the world but some rude, mean, and worthless relatives. I think
the best thing that she did was go to Thornfield, it may not of been the right decision at
the time but once she fell in love with Rochester...


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