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Jane Eyre Analysis

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“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Bronte was born in Yorkshire, England on April 21, 1816. Because of the death of Charlotte’s mother her aunt helped to raise his children - three of sisters—Maria, Elizabeth, and Emily. At a young age, the children created a fictional world they named Angria, and their many stories, poems, and plays were early predictors of shared writing talent that eventually led Emily, Anne, and Charlotte to careers as novelists. As adults, Charlotte suggested that she, Anne, and Emily collaborate on a book of poems. The three sisters published under male pseudonyms: Charlotte’s was Currer Bell, while Emily and Anne wrote as Ellis and Acton Bell, respectively. When the poetry volume received little public notice, the sisters decided to work on separate novels but retained the same pseudonyms. Anne and Emily produced their masterpieces in 1847, but Charlotte’s first book, The Professor, never found a willing publisher during her lifetime. Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre (1849) later. The book, a critique of Victorian assumptions about gender and social class, became one of the most successful novels of its era, both critically and commercially.
“Jane Eyre” draws the picture of people and scenes of the romantic style. The style is extraordinary powerful and expresses the meaning accurately. Bronte’s style is characterized by a command of language, spontaneity, simplicity. The main feature of the extract under analysis is its statics – it’s greatly demonstrated here – the description of landscape where the time almost stops, no event is happening. The main function is to create the atmosphere and express emotions, to reveal the true feelings of characters – it’s brightly shown on the example of the extract.
At the very beginning of the extract the author brings the reader to the description of the landscape images where we meet the major character, Jane Eyre, going to Thornfield in the evening. It is clearly seen that that the events are...


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