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Imagine a universe full of magic, believing that absolutely anything could happen at any given time. Set one’s depiction of the ordinary and average life behind. Imagine being trapped inside the world of fantasy, exploring its every element, letting the mind soar through infinite possibilities. In The short story “Rikiki and the Wizard”, by Patricia C. Wrede, prime examples of fantasy are thoroughly illustrated such as mythical beings, talking animals and unrealistic scenarios. Wrede uses the brightest of imagination, and portrays the true meaning of fantasy throughout the entire story.
The first element in the story is a mythical being, the wizard. In the current world today, a wizard is depicted as a magical being which casts spells, is very knowledgeable wears a pointy hat, and has a long beard and long hair. Readers may be familiar with the famous fantasy adventures of “Harry Potter”, there are many examples of what the world would imagine a wizard today, including Harry himself, Ron, and so forth. In the beginning of the short story, such a character is introduced. The wizard, also known as the luckiest wizard in the world is extremely skillful in the field of magic, he perfects spells, and people from all over the world come to him. He is not completely satisfied with his life and he believes he must do more in order for him to be famous forever. The wizard’s greed and selfishness leads him to much mischief causing him to be remembered in a way he did not desire.
Another element of fantasy which is shown throughout the story is a talking animal. The story teller may have animals possess human-like qualities for many different reasons. It could be intended for a younger audience, artistic purposes, and so on to add more imagination to stories. The readers are introduced to this element as a talking blue chipmunk god by the name of Rikiki. The chipmunk responds to the wizard’s call for help when the other gods did not do so, because they are not pleased by...


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