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Unesco (United Nations, Scientific and Cultural Organization)'s Prospects and Opportunities

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UNESCO (United Nations, Scientific and Cultural Organization)’s prospects and opportunities

The UNESCO came into existence in November 1946, was recognized as a specialized agency of UN in December1946.the organization aims at promoting world peace by constructing defense for peace in the mind of men .It wants to promote greater understanding of each other’s ways and lives and remove suspicion and distrust which are responsible for war.
The organization head quarters are in Paris where the General Confess and Executive board meet periodically and where its general directorate and directors of various departments have their offices. Today UNESCO is a group of 158 member state. Many countries of Asia, PACIFIC, Africa, Europe and America are its member states.
Its partners are some inter governmental and non governmental organizations, e.g. Asian Development Bank, Islamic development bank, World under water Federation, World mountain People association (WMPA),International Union for Conservation for Nature (IUCN), WWF, United Nations development program, European educational, and cultural organization, WWAP, IHP ,United Nation Environment Program etc
UNESCO relationship with UN is stated in an agreement between them, agreement states that
®both U.N and UNESCO will send representatives and propose subject for discussion
®A full and speedy exchange of reports
®UNESCO will discuss the drawing up of its budget with U.N
Strategic program
Globalization and climate change are major drivers with an increasing influence on the stability of fragile mountains ecosystem, livelihood of mountain people and security of vulnerable water system.
So few strategic programs serve as a frame work for meeting these challenges in the coming years, which are
    ®integrated water and Hazard management
    ®environment change and Ecosystem
    ®sustain livelihood and poverty reduction
    ®integrated knowledge management
UNESCO Water family
UNESCO has a water family...


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