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Advertising - Tv Commercials

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The purpose of this report is to evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of two different forms of advertising in Spain, namely TV commercials and flyers delivered in the streets of the cities. It will also include the effectiveness of these methods and make recommendations and improvements.

TV commercials

Television was a revolutionary method for broadcasting information, as well as for providing entertaiment. As the years passed, marketing industry has incessantly been expanding and it is impossible to conceive this electronic device without its advertisements. Moreover, the most important firms and theirs competitors announce themselves in this way. They suggest us luxury and comfort when a new perfume, car, state-of-the-art has been created. Virtually, it is an efficient, persuasive tactic to make people consume their products.

Nevertheless, Tv channels are continously bombarding with commercials which, at the same time, it is very irritating and annoying, and that oblige viewers to change constantly from one channel to another, and even to switch off the television. Likewise, children are growing up in a materialistic world, and in many cases they are being spoilt.


Equally annoying are flyers given out in the streets in which there are printed information of any kind, from advertising about non-official expensive private courses, to selling and buying gold at good prices, or discount offers in different restaurants. It can be admitted that some people use this method, overall to take advantage of some sales presenting the flyer.

Admittedly, it is an obsolete, costly and environmental unfriendly way of being announced. Not to speak about the effect that it has in the streets; in fact, most of the papers are taken part of the litter above the ground. People who distribute those are situated in busy streets, consequently the majority of principal streets of your city are being flooded with flyers.




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