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Two Heads Are Better Than One

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Two Heads are better than one

Tiffany Krafton

MGT 415

Instructor: Kim Marshall

January 10, 2011

      There are many factors that play into making a company successful. Decision making is one of the biggest of them all. The decisions/choices we make can determine the success/failure of a company. For this reason, today I will prove that “two heads are better than one”.   I will provide you   with studies that have proven this to be true. I will also explain that although group work is ideal, you must have the right group in order to function correctly.

      Our lives consist of constant streams of decision making and choices. There are so many things that occur in our lives daily that can affect our thought process. Sometimes we are distracted and cannot fully focus. This does not make us bad employees. For this reason, I believe that groups are important.   Each person in a group adds value. Not one person is exactly the same. We each carry a skill that would be useful in a group.
      Group Dynamics play an important part of group Success.   Only a dream team will work together, without deterring from the project’s goals. An important element of group dynamics is allowing team member to develop as a unit and that takes time (Scheid, 1). According to BrianMach Sports Coach, one way that groups learn to work well together   is through a “cohesion” process.   Mahatma Gandhi once said, “honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress.”
      How does the cohesive process work when everyone is different on a team? Basically, there elements to the cohesive process that help align groups without the harmful groupthink dilemma (Scheid, 2). There different things that must be looked at when forming a group. For example, you can look at the culture or lifestyle of an individual. You can look at there religion, or upbringing. These all play in the formation of a functional group.
      Although group work has been used in teaching for thousands of...


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