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Contenders for the Throne in 1066

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Contenders for the throne in 1066

On January 5th 1066 King Edward ‘the confessor’ died and caused a huge argument over who was to be king and four people claimed that they were the new king.
  The first contender was William of Normandy who was promised the throne many years before, he was also the Duke of Normandy which made him blood related to Edward. Harold of Wessex supported a claim that he was to be king. He also had many supporters which made him powerful. But Edward changed his mind on the death bed and promised it to Harold of Wessex. William was also Norman which meant he could only spoke French also he was a bastard it was frowned upon being illegitimate in England. Reasons for and against him were considerable for him to be king.
  The Second contender was Harold of Wessex he was promised the throne whilst Edward was on his death bed. Harold was also Edwards brother in law. He had lots of military power and was experienced as king he had already ran England once he also had many rich supporters and he was a Saxon. But William was promised first. Another problem was he was banished from England before he was also an oath breaker which could of made him unpopular. Reasons for and against him were considerable for him to be king
  The third contender was Harald Hardrada his father was promised the throne but died before Edward did he also had his ally Tostig who was Harold’s brother who he hated. He could speak perfect English he also had a very powerful army. He’d already been a king before he was a hard ruler. He wasn’t related to Edward and he was a Viking he was also a opportunist. Reason for against him were considerable for him to be king.
    The last contender was Edgar he was the only contender that was blood related to Edward and could speak English but he was only 14 and couldn’t become king as he wasn’t able to rule properly as he wouldn’t of been able to fight in battles! It was clear that he wasn’t able to become king.


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