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Dead Poets - Movie Summary

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Dead Poets Society

The movie has been directed by Peter Weir. The main characters of the movie are John Keating (Robin Williams), Neil Perry (Robert Sean Leonard), Knox Overstreet (Josh Charles), Charlie Dalton (Gale Hansen), Richard Cameron (Dylan Kussman), Steven Meeks (Allelon Ruggiero), Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke) and Gerard Pitts (James Waterston). These are the senior students at the academy, and Mr. Keating is their new English teacher.  

In the movie many ideas has been explored, like tradition, honor, discipline and excellence, through the students at Welton boys academy in 1950s. The story is about a group of students and it is centered around Mr. Keating, who’s an exciting new English and poetry teacher at the academy. Mr. Keating is keen on poetry, and uses it to inspire the students to live life with passion. He want them to examine their lives and to not follow blindly. The students have been told by their parents what they will be in future. But Mr. Keating want them to be who they are, and not to be who and what their parents and teachers expects them to be. Mr. Keating is educating in a very strict atmosphere where equality is the rule. Students are being taught in a different way by their new teacher. One day he tell them to rip out an introduction of their textbook, which he finds ridiculous. He continues letting them stand on the desk and see the world on another way.  

He tells them about a club which he was in, called death poets society which inspires some of the students to recreate the club. At nights they sneak outside the school yard meeting in a cave to discuss and write poetry, and other literature based topics to express their emotions. Because of these meetings the boys lives changes. Knox Overstreet falls in love with a girl and begin writing poems to her, Todd Anderson overcomes his shyness,   Neil finds his profession in acting, which is against his fathers conceptions. This is unacceptable at the school, which discourages...


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