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Canadian Economic Action Plan

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The Success of Canada’s Economic Action Plan

By, Thomas Bentham

COMM 386o – 002

Government Public Relations

Instructor Jeremy Berry

March 25, 2011

Table of Contents

Abstract 3

Introduction 3

Website, Twitter, and YouTube 5

Publicly Released Documents 6

Signage 7

Conclusion 8

References 8


Every country has had the long road to recovery after the recession in 2007, and many countries are still feeling the effects. Canada has been noted as one of the first nations to be out of deficit and well on their way to recovery. This is because Canada had a timely and effective stimulus plan to support the countries hardest hit areas. This plan is a part of a strategic crisis management plan that is constantly developed and modified for the changing world. This plan has many aspects, and one of them is the communication and marketing of the initiatives done by the government. This essay will look at three of the communication and marketing tactics that were used and are still being used today. The analysis of these tactics will help shed light on the effectiveness it had on the way Canadians perceive the Canadian Economic Action Plan.


      In December 2007, the whole word endured a crushing blow to the global economy. We suffered from the worst global recession since the 1930’s. Some countries have had it worse than others, but all have had the long hard road to recovery. The global recession was triggered by a liquidity short fall in the United States (Ivry, 2008). Low interest mortgages were given to citizens who could not realistically pay them and banks folded. This left the U.S. with $11.25 trillion mortgages that were delinquent or in foreclosure (Ivry, 2008). The ripple effect was fast and cut deep throughout the continents.

Canada and the United States could be described to have a very symbiotic relationship. Both countries benefit from each other, but if one decreases in productivity, the...


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