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The Crossing

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Linda Nguyen
Professor Christine Eubank
History 20
18, April 2011
George Washington a Hypocrite? I Think Not.
As I was growing up, I never really was intrigued about George Washington. Even though some people saw him as a role model, I always saw the negative side of George Washington from what I have learn in my years that I grew up. In my point of view, before I watch this film, I always say him as a hypocrite. I read online that , “In 1759 he owned 24 slaves under the age of sixteen; in 1786 he owned slightly over 100 slaves on his own, with 113 dower slaves; in 1799 there were 164 Washington slaves and 153 dower slaves.” (Twohig). He was against slavery and helped them to become free but at the same time he owned a few hundred slaves of his own.
In this movie “The Crossing,” directed by Robert Harmon in 1999, star Jeff Daniel as George Washington, completely changes my point of view. Mr. Harmon portrayed the first president, George Washington, to have one of the strongest personalities that would not be forgotten. In my eyes, he had the best leadership qualities that I could ask for or I have seen in anyone. From what other people have told me, their favorite president was often George Washington. And know I see why people looked up to him.
In the movie he said that “They have put their trust in me,” which explains to me how millions of people give him the respect he deserves, “they could of deserted, thousands have! But these lads have not. They will remain with me. And I, not you, general Gates, I command this army, and if I, bumbling Virginia farmer, should decide to lead them to hell, they will follow me in to hell.”(Robert Harmon). That quote above was to General Gates, because he told the president “You are no soldiers. And you Sir are a damn poor leader. You can’t face defeat, and you seek annihilation” (Robert Harmon), with a complete downright cocky tone of voice. When George Washington spoke back to Gates it shows the quality of a leader...


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