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The Roar Book Report

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The name of my book is The Roar .The author of my book   is Emma Claton. The book takes place in London 50 years in the future . my book is about how Mika Tries to find his Twin sister Ellie . she was kidnapped at a young age By Gorman .In the book all of England is surrounded by A wall. The wall was put there because of the animal plague. Which is a severe form of rabies, that is contagious to all animals including humans.

The book start out as Ellie is kidnapped Mika is at home when this happens . They call the police. The police said that Ellie fell in the Tims River   which leads to the ocean. Mika does not believe the police so he tried to find her on his own and he failed. His parents thought that he was crazy.   When summers over he has to go back to school there the YDF (Youth Development Foundation )made all the kids drink fit mix. which made them grow faster and stronger .Then A hit flight simulator video game came out which taught the kids to be better pilots for the Air Force because they wanted to invade the rest of Europe. There was a competition to see who was the best Mika entered. The prize was a jagwier car and a home in the golden turrets which is where the top political figures live. Mika and his friend Jackson   won the contest he was in the top 10.
So the top 10 competitors were transferred to a top secret military base in Ireland That was the end of the book I think this was very interesting My favorite part was when they played pod fighter (the flight simulator). I will be looking for the next book in the series .


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