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Underline Causes to Wwi

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There were numerous underline causes to the start of World War I. Although the most straight forward answer that most people give of the cause to World War I would be the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand and his wife, hire Serbia, while they were traveling in Austria-Hungary. This was what was actually started the war but it was the other many things that fell under this that caused it, if the other ‘underline’ causes were not there this would have most likely been a civil war between the two countries instead it sparked a world wide war.
There two different types of nationalism. The first type is the desire of subject peoples for independence. This led to a series of national struggles for independence especially among the Balkan peoples. The second type is the desire of independent nations for dominance over other countries. All the powers tried dominating one another, which led to their rivalries.
Germany was united in 1871 in a result of the Franco-Prussian War, whom Bismarck started, and Germany rapidly to become the strongest economic and military power in Europe. From 1871 to 1890, Germany wanted to preserve hegemony in Europe by forming a series of peaceful alliances with other powers, but as the years went on Germany grew more and more aggressive. Germany wanted to build up its influence in every part of the world. German foreign policy in these years was best expressed by the term 'Weltpolitik' (World Politics). German ambitions were extended to too many parts of the globe, and Germany became into serious conflicts with all the other powers of Europe (except Austria-Hungary and Italy) from 1890 to 1914.
Italy was unified in 1870. Italy had barely enough power to be counted as a great power. Italy’s parliamentary system was corrupt and inefficient. Italy’s industrial progress was extremely slow, but Italy had great territorial ambitions. Italy wanted Tunis and Tripoli in northern Africa, but this brought conflicts...


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