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Essay                                                   B5 9-30-10
Many early religions in the early civilizations have changed and shaped our world today. Buddhism and Hinduism have very common practices, but have several different beliefs.
Buddhism, the religion that worshiped Siddhartha Gautma also known as Buddha, has become one of the top religions practiced today. Buddhists believe that the better you do in your life today, will decide whether or not you go to heaven or hell. The Buddhists also believe in Karma and reincarnation. Reincarnation is the process of rebirth, however a person was in their first life depends on what they will come back as in their rebirth, which is known as karma. Karma is the principle that someone’s moral actions have automatic effects on ones life and the rebirth of their next life. After the soul has reached its desired being the soul will then be done with its state of reincarnation. Buddhists also practice meditating to Buddha and giving respect to his “perfect” life.
Hinduism, a different religion, has many of the same practices as Buddhism.   Hindus do not worship Buddha, but have sacred texts that they follow called Vedas.   Vedas are ancient scriptures that the hindus go by. Unlike Buddhism and many other religions Hinduism does not believe in a god or goddess that they worship.   Like Buddhists Hindus believe in the process of reincarnation and karma.       Hinduism is also based on the caste system, which is a social class system that is broken down into different groups.   The ultimate goal of all hindus is to be released, moksha, from the cycle of reincarnation known as samsara.   Hinduism is a world wide religion that is practiced in many countries today.
Both of these religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, have shaped and become world wide religions today. The teachings of Buddha and writings of Hinduism have broken down and expanded into other religions and different teaching in today’s world.


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