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Uncle Marcos Essay

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Uncle Marcos Short Story
Everyone has someone that they remember from the past. Whether that person is a family member, friend, or a famous celebrity, they are remembered. The people who will not be forgotten often have done something special in order to receive this remembrance. Most people that are remembered are not forgotten because of gifts they gave to others, their adventurous life stories, or their actions that bring attention towards them. In the novel, a young girl named Clara, remembers her Uncle with amazing clarity.  
Clara is a young girl who looks up, and admires her Uncle Marcos for his bravery and carefree attitude.   Clara remembers every story of her Uncle Marcos adventures with buoyant clarity.   She can recite them with ease, and remembers even the slightest detail. Clara’s Uncle Marcos is very exploratory, he likes to see the world and set out on voyages where he will discover something never before seen.   At one point, he sets of to explore the world, and comes back with a shipment of enormous boxes that he piled outside near the courtyard. The boxes lay untouched all winter, and at the first sighs of spring he had them transferred to the parade grounds. When the crates were opened, they were filled with an assortment of wood, metal, and painted cloth. Marcos spent two weeks assembling the contents, and when it was finished it turned out to be a massive bird. It had a face of a intense eagle, wings that moved,
Coleman 2
and a propeller on its back end. This big contraption causes chaos. Soon everybody, from all over town came to just catch a glimpse of it.   Savior vendors and strolling photographs made a fortune off of a single picture, and with that Marcos became the star attraction of the town. He set off on his journey, armed with a compass, a telescope, and several small maps. As he took to the air, hundreds of people cheered from the streets, and little Clara, stared at the horizon until he was well out of sight. After a week with no...


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