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If Essay

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Sara Maxson English 11
    If essay

Food, music and, friends is mostly everyone’s interest. Throwing a party is a great way to connect with friends outside of school or work. Halloween is near so I would love to throw a Halloween party. The best thing about Halloween parties has to be dressing up in a scary costume. I would throw my Halloween party in the Hollywood tower hotel also known as the tower of terror.
The tower of terror was one of my favorite movies growing up. The movie was not to scary and had a twist to it. The movie is about a fancy hotel and five people get on the elevator and something goes wrong and the five people die. The five people live in the hotel as ghosts. A young girl names Anne and her uncle Buzzy try to find out the mystery of the hotel. Strange things happen while they explore the hotel and in the end they five ghosts appear and tell them to fix the elevator so there not trapped there any longer. Abigail despised her younger sister that died on the elevator and she puts a spell on the hotel so they never get out. They soon fix the elevator and gain Abigail’s support and finally the ghosts are free from the hotel.   Not only did I love the movie I love the ride at Disney world. Entering the hotel gave me a very spooky vibe. Walking through the tower was very cool because it is almost one hundred percent identical to the tower in the movie. Being able to actually get the chance to walk through it was great. Being able to explore the tower would be even better. All the old props would be very spooky to look at but also very interesting. The objects would be very dusty and probably very valuable. The spooky run down hotel would probably give me the chills on Halloween night. The abandoned hotel would smell like the quivering smell of a cellar. The furniture would be covered with a sheet on dust making the furniture old looking and unusable. The old and vacant hotel would have spider webs corner to corner. The...


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