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I Believe Essay

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I Believe Essay
by: Max K
Presented to: Mr. Raible
I believe that whatever you can conceive you can achieve, I believe that the power of attraction is the one this in this life that we can control, weather its having a brand new sports car or being offered a coffee to start off your day.

It all started in my room before going out one night, I was sitting in my room wondering, Will tonight be a good night?
I asked myself doubtfully.
I remember asking myself, should I bring my wallet?
It has an awful lot of money in it and if something ever happened my mom would kill me.
So there I thought and it occurred to me that yes indeed I did need my wallet because my wallet had my drivers license and that meant If I had gotten pulled over without it I would get a fine, so I grabbed my wallet threw it in my back pocket and walked out the door. Once I got to the party I was having a good time later on I was getting tired and I asked the host, would you mind if I crashed here?
I’ve had a couple drinks and I would rather not drive.
He said it was fine so I went and hit the hay. at about 11:30 I woke up and when I went to throw on my pants I grabbed my wallet just to check and just what I had conceived my money was gone not a penny left.
although this is a example of the mind having bad effect on you, this can also be used for you, like trying to become a wealthy man, if you can conceive this in your mind with no doubts you will achieve it with no problems, this is a very complex law but with the help and concentration you can achieve anything you can conceive.


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