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Battle of Okinawa

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(3) The Battle of Okinawa took place towards the end of the Pacific War. (1 [more below]) It is known as the last battle between the United States and Japan. (2) The Battle of Okinawa took place around the Okinawa Island. The island was located between Kyushu and Formosa (Taiwan). (4) Japan was lead by Ichiro Ozawa. The US Commanders during this battle were Simon B. Buckner, Joseph W. Stilwell, and Ray Spruance.
(1 cont.) Japan was an incredible force during World War 2 and the Allied forces, including the United States, wanted to attack Japan to defeat their power. The Allied forces viewed Okinawa as a perfect place to attack Japan. The invasion was code named “Operation   Iceberg.”
(5) The most deadly weapons used in the invasion were called Ohka’s which were actually flying torpedoes. The Japanese also used crash boats, human mines, and human torpedoes. Among these weapons were two other very strong weapons known as the Genie (an air-to-air missile equipped with the W25 nuclear warhead) and the Nike Hercules (a surface-to-air missile system).
(6/8 [More Below]) Deaths in the Battle of Okinawa occurred in incredibly high amounts. Around 12,520 American Soldiers were killed or went missing, 65,908 Soldiers from Mainland were killed or went missing, 28,228 Soldiers from Okinawa were killed or went missing, and around 94,000 people living in the area the battle took place were killed or went missing, totaling 200,656 people. General Simon Buckner was killed by Japanese artillery fire while inspecting his troops at the front line. He was the highest-ranking U.S. officer to be killed by enemy fired during the war. At sea 368 Allied ships (including 120 amphibious craft) were damaged while another 36 were sunk during the Okinawa campaign. The Japanese lost 16 ships sunk, including the enormous battleship Yamato. On land the U.S. forces lost at least 225 tanks, while eliminating 27 Japanese tanks and 743 artillery pieces, some of them knocked-out by the naval and...


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