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The Battle of Trenton

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In the late summer of 1776 during the revolutionary war, the continental army was driven out of the colony of New York. They had suffered several defeats in the New York area, and had been forced to Pennsylvania. They decide to set up winter camp in Valley Forge. The conditions are very poor, with tight living space and little food. It will only get worse as the weather becomes colder. Men die become sick from the bitter cold, and the illnesses are passed around the camp. The British army also begins to find towns to establish winter camps.
      On December 14, the Hessians arrived at Trenton to set up their winter quarters. Trenton was a small town, with only about 100 houses. The little town lacked proper protection, with no city walls or fortifications, which were typical at the time. A few of the Hessian officers advised Rahl to establish fortifications, but he declined once again. He felt that his troops were strong enough to withhold any ambushes or attacks dealt from the Americans.
Because of the horrible living conditions at Valley Forge, the Continental army had very low moral. So low was moral that General Washington feared that most of the army would leave when their service period was over on December 31. The Hessian army was stationed at Trenton, and they were known for their brutality among the colonists. General Washington knew that if the Americans defeated the Hessians, it would increase moral dramatically. So he began to devise a plan against the Hessians stationed at Trenton.
The Hessian commander Colonel Rahl had previously been ordered to construct defenses around the city. But he had not troubled to do it. After all, who could stand up to the mighty Hessian regiment? The Germans became lazy and strutted around the town in their casual clothing instead of they’re army attire. However behind all this they were still a well-trained group of men. When it was time for a drill, they were immediately at their posts with full gear on, ready for...


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