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The Truth About the Fashion Industry

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The truth about the fashion industry – Size zero to fashion hero?

In this report I will be discussing the fashion industry and the topic of size zero in both men and women. My project title is ‘The Truth about the Fashion Industry’. The way in which this project allows me to fulfil this assignment is that it will inform everyone in or are interested in this topic. The way in which I will monitor my progress against my project plan is that I have make a checklist of what needs to be done and done by a certain deadline.

I have carried out a skills audit and the risks involved in organising my project and the available times that I will need to always meet my deadline otherwise I will be behind on my project. I will manage time and resources as part of my project plan by carefully managing the different sources I will use and make sure that I record exactly where I got it from. The issues involved with working independently are that if you are working in a group or a pair then you have those extra people to help you, but on the other hand you have to reply on the other person a lot, which sometimes can go horribly wrong. The time I have available is until the deadline of April 2011, but that deadline can be changed if needed. I firstly came up with the idea of doing ‘The truth about the fashion industry’ because all my projects relate to the idea.

I am currently studying media which relates to the topic in many different ways such as magazines and how people relate to the celebrities in them and also television programmes which are about dieting and weight loss etc. I am also currently studying photography which also relates to the topic because of photographers and what they take photographs of including smaller sized clothes and people in magazines etc. In this project I will also be discussing why the fashion industry want their models to be size zero, and what drives models to want to become what they call ‘perfect’ and why size zero is the ‘best’ way...


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