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Lots of people have wrong priorities.They think that money is the most important thing in the world.They do not care about health that much and they think they can buy everithing they need if they have a lot of money.That is not what I think.In my opinion, money isimportant but only to enable you normal life. It means that you have enough food,proper clothes,proper shoes   , a roof above you head and that you can afford necessery things. I do not thing it is very good to have too much money. I amsure that with money you can buy a watch but can you really buy time? Iknow you can buy a bed but can you really buy a good sleep? You can buy a medicine, but can you buy does it help you buy you health?I belive people should not consider money that important. I hope that they will soon realize and happiness whitin a family will take the first place. I really hope so.

When I leave school I will go to the university to study medicine. I will become a surgeon. I will be the most famous and popular surgeon in the world. My salary will be $ 5000per operation.My favourite   country is California and I will probabliy live there with my 5 dogs, my husbant Bill and my doughter Elly. We will have3 robots for playing different sports. In the garden will be playground with large path for ride a bike.Also in the garden will be river with gold. I will have 2 cars. One will be a sport car and another a car which I will use to drive through the city.My hair will be blond and I will have green eyes. Our summer holidays we will spend on the Carribe and Hawai. We will travel there by private speace shep.


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