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Facebook 4

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Bryant Duran
Essay #1

If Facebook was a country, it would be the 8th most populated in the world. And this isn’t just a group of passive users; almost half of Facebook’s members use the service every day. On Christmas day, Facebook accounted for 1 in every 22 online visits. This participation is staggering. Tons of new people are signing up to use the site daily, and Facebook is a service that gets more fun to use as more people join, so it’s doubtful that this participation will slow. But large numbers alone won’t change the world. It’s what Facebook is doing with those numbers that’s so exciting. This brings in sociology in to it because with Facebook we can study the behavior of people and human groups. Facebook has influence on social relationships on people’s attitude and behavior and also shows had it has made change.
Looking it from a bigger picture ageisms is an important factor, because Facebook is helping non-technical Web users begin to understand other Web services. Which means that not mattering what age you have you can and should have a Facebook and know how to use it because by facebook is what mostly everything is done. Nothing is done the old way anymore so people of older age have to adapt to the new system of doing events, emails, publishing products, etc..
Facebook is changing professional networks which bring it into classism. If i am currently looking to hire a part-time, contract Web developer to help out with my business. I am actively looking through my Facebook contacts to see if anyone in my network is a developer and might be interested in the job. I can recruit through Craigslist and Boston.com, but if I can find someone I know, even if it’s someone who I haven’t worked with, seen or talked to in years, I am pre-disposed to hiring that person. Of course the decision will ultimately come down to experience and qualifications, but a network is very important in finding a job, and Facebook is suddenly adding people to...


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