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Early Education

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The Question of Early Education
                      Class 081   NO.15   Renie

    "Don't let your children lose at the starting line" is a very popular saying in China. All parents, all over the world want to see their children have   a promising future in life. Parents think that to become really intelligent and knowledgeable, their children have to get the best education in the first five years of their lives. But parents need to review their faith in the doubtful saying. A new study found that preschool children are three times as likely to be expelled as children in primary school, promoting a dispute over whether preschool is good or bad. There is no doubt that early education has its own advantages and disadvantages. As far as I’m concerned, we should curb the fast development of early education.
  Early education is a controversial issue and elicits very different kinds of opinions and responses. Some people hold the opinion that the most important years of learning are begun at birth. A child's brain at this age is making connections that will last the rest of their life. However, some more recent studies dispute the accuracy of the earlier results which cited benefits to preschool education, and actually point at preschool being detrimental to a child's cognitive and social development.
  As to me, I think the disadvantages of early education overweight its advantages, and we should take measures to deal with over-developing early education. First of all, there is tendency to make preschools more academic and less focused on social skill development. Another drawback is that many kids simply are not emotionally ready for kindergarten. Besides, early childhood programs don’t give kids the one-on-one attention. Children in preschools are exposed to illnesses on a regular basis, because children are more vulnerable. As a result, the country, the government and educational authorities must constantly monitor what really is good for educational needs...


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