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Natural Talent and Ability

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Natural Talent and Ability
Many people believe that certain children are more likely to achieve amazing accomplishments in some particular areas than others. While there is also a saying that every one is able to obtain success in whatever fields if they endeavor to follow instructions and fulfill their daily works. In my opinion, it is definite that all of us can become a sportsman or an intellectual if had working is paid.

Having learnt about many tales of talented people’s achievements, many citizens argue that they have been qualified to meet certain standards since they were born. Although the society tries to treat every one equally, there are still many chances that are especially suitable for them, such as the selections for those professions that require physical power more than intelligence. A case in point is the young athletes who have been chosen for their body condition at the very early age.

On the contrary, others think that through making tremendous effort, every person could acquire glory in almost all areas. Just as the black sport stars can win prizes in races with extremely high speed, the Chinese are also able to bear competent competitors in Olympic Games. For example, the famous star hurdler Liu Xiang invariably accomplishes medals, never shrinking in front of those talented sport heroes.

Personally, I hold the opinion that with certain trainings, every child could become an expert. That is because in the modern context, a set of learning methods have been developed to prompt people to maximize their potential. For instance, all of us can memorize a very long list of numbers after undergoing consistent steps of exercising under guidelines.


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