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A happy scene
  Last week I went home for my elder sister’s wedding which is a significant event for my family.So many happy and wonderful scenes do I keep in my memory ,but the last thing making heart warm and touching is the moment when the four of us   (there are four children including three girls and one boy in my family) were taking photos with my mother. Since we growth up ,the chance that we get together is becoming smaller and smaller .
  I still remembered the happier smile in our faces , the happier tears on my mother’s face despite of the sorrow in my heart causing by the separation from my elder .In the picture , in the middle is my mother wearing a tangzhuang outfits and grinning from ear to ear . On the left is my elder sister being coated with marriage gauze and looking so beautiful and attractive. Can you guess where am I   ?   The one being carrying in my mother’s arms is me , just like what I used to do when I was a children. On the right is my the other older sister circling my mother’s neck with her arm , and she made a victory gesture . the handsome boy behind my mother is my younger brother ,obviously he has grown into a big reasonable and rational boy .
When we were preparing   for taking photos ,my uncle said :”this is an unforgettable scene   and your mum must very satisfied that all of you have grown up . so much sacrifices she made for in the past is what we could never pay off for the whole of her life .””Even though your older sister are going to get married , we are always a family . Nothing in the world can really separate   us emotionally ,and Blood is thicker than water.”
Yes , we are still families and we are families forever.



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