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Schools Should Open the Academic Courses Rather Than Art and Sports Courses for Students. Do You Agree or Not?

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Practicality has become the main stream in today’s education. In the meantime, some people assert that schools should open the academic courses rather than art and sports courses for students, which will enable them to find lucrative jobs immediately upon graduation. They sincerely believe since the competition in modern society is increasingly stiff, one must be armed with more knowledge and skill at the cost of art and sports so that one can face the challenges in the future and pursue a better career. 3 N& n; E$ a' \/ Y7 E/ i
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Yet, this assertion ignores the fact that spiritual and physical health can be more important than wealth. In fact, anyone who has mental or physical illness cannot be quite successful in either in earning money or in working career. On the contrary, we should not underestimate the significant roles that arts and sports play in our life. First of all, art serves to lift the human spirit. Studying art enables us to become more other oriented, less self-centered, in other words, we are becoming more charitable. Furthermore, art plays a vital role in preserving our cultures. Without educating our children about the significance of art, a certain number of cultures, such as Beijing opera, will be forgotten or disappear forever. Additionally, doing sports regularly can keep us fit and help us improve our performance in study and work.1 W* m8 y. c% `% M0 [
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On the whole, we should not go to extremes, thumb up one thing and thumb down the other. We should combine them together. Schools should teach children the academic subjects which will be beneficial to their future career at the same time not to nurtue them in other subjects like music and sports. Schools should develop children’s abilities in an all-round way.


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