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Animal Reserach

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Animal Research
When discussing animal research the animals that always come to mind are mice, rats and guinea pigs. However there are way more animals than we could imagine that are being tested every day. The animals vary from small animals such as fly’s to larger animals such as dogs. This has been an issue for decades and may never be resolved. Animal research kills off many animals everyday and is not humane. It should be stopped soon to help save the lives of more animals.
Animal research in the united states consist mainly of mice, rats, birds and reptiles. There are several types of animal research including scientific, cosmetic, neurological, biomedical and many other types of research. They assign separate animals for each research project they establish. The fact that mice share almost all of their genes with the human race they are mainly used in medical type research such as cancer and toxicology research. Twenty million rodents are subject to animal experimentation in the U.S. every year. Cosmetic research requires putting chemicals used in cosmetics on the eyes and skin those poor animals. Animals mainly used in cosmetic research consist of Albino Rabbits. They are used because they have less tear flow and they lack eye pigment. They test these harsh product on these rabbits making sure that their product works. This is sad because these rabbits can not talk and tell you if the product hurts or not so many of them are left with skin rashes and irritations. Animal research doesn’t always consist of harsh chemicals, it could be as simple as them sending animals into space. For example the biggest animal research experimentation was when they sent Laika, and stray Russian beagle, into space to orbit the planet. She was the first animal to orbit the Earth was also the first Death in orbit. Laika died just a few hours after the shuttle was launched.
While testing animals is not right at all it has been helpful in many ways. Dangerous diseases such as...


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