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Planet Oasis Made Up Planet

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Maybe it’s time for a break, you know from all the chaos at the office, and the kids, and the spouse, and my cat. Oh, the list goes on but thankfully NASA chose me to go to this planet Oa5is, I’m guessing it’s going to be beautiful scenes of greenery, birds and oh, they might even have a water park.
Well, the NASA workers are quite fussy; they’re pushing me around and shouting at me for some unknown reason. I’m sitting down on the control panel wondering to myself why in the world they are angry. I just don’t see the logic in it, and they call themselves astronomers
Maybe if I get up and walk around they might cheer up a bit. THUMP! My heavy boots reach the ground; and through my astronomer’s helmet, I hear a heavy sigh. I turn and see the boss lie on the floor in relief. What? I turn round once more this time to where I once sat. I accidentally pushed the emergency launch button while I sat on the control panel. I now only had 7 seconds to get in the shuttle and launch. My colleagues at the station hurried to me and picked me up slightly 4......3.....I was only half way there....2.....was I going to make it...1... “This is one small leap for man and quite a big one for me” I shouted through my helmet...0...... The rocket launched not with me on it. Oh no, I was caught on the outside by my pants lining. My Incredible Hulk pants were exposed I was going against the laws of gravity, being pulled up in other words, hitting my head on the way out.
*(************in space*************************
“(BUZZ) well,” I said to my colleagues back at the station, “I’ve been floating around for 3 hours (BUZZ) so far, and I’ve seen zilch (BUZZ)”.
“Keep at it son, you’ll get there.”
“Well okay, at least it’s going to pay off when I reach there, all the greenery and oasis.”
“Oh yeah, about that...” The boss started.
“Never mind. You needn’t say a thing. I will enjoy myself while you nincompoops while just work. Bye, bye (BUZZ)” I turned...


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