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Coronary Heart Disease

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Coronary Heart Disease
Coronary Heart Disease, also known as CHD, is the most common of all the heart-related problems. It’s caused by your arteries getting smaller which leads to your heart not getting enough blood supply.

Heart Attack
A heart attack is also extremely common throughout places like the United States where people engorge upon beefy cheeseburgers, salt-soaked fries, and double decker milkshakes. These types of food aren’t good for you at all and most people who eat these types of food on a regular basis also don’t get much exercise. Another victim of heart attacks is the elderly. As you get older, your body gets weaker and it’s as if your heart has to work double time just to keep up with you anymore. People with heart problems in general should take it easy, lay off the salty/high cholesterol foods, and visit a doctor regularly for checkups. If you’re ever in the unlucky position to be experiencing a heart attack first-hand, sit down immediately and try not to move or stress your body. Take an ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and call 911 within 1-2 minutes of first feeling a heart attack. Heart attacks are generally felt as a shooting pain in your left arm just beforehand, followed by an immense pain in your chest. Trust me, if you’re having a heart attack, you’ll know it.

High blood pressure
High blood pressure, also known as hyptertension, is a common thing that effects about 50 millions Americans and countless others worldwide. Once again, it’s generally caused by fatty foods. High blood pressure is often hard to diagnose as it has so few symptoms that you don’t even know that you have it. The best thing to do to avoid high blood pressure is to simply get checked out every six months or so or even just go down to your local Publix and use their blood pressure machine. If you already know that you have high blood pressure, the best thing to do is try to avoid stressful situations as often as possible. Light or mediate exercise is fine,...


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