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~ Which Diseases Are Most Prevalent in Your Country & How Can They Be Combated?

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~ Which diseases are most prevalent in your country & how can they be combated?
1. Diabetes ;
Diabetes occurs when the body can’t make enough insulin or can’t properly use the insulin it makes. We have 2 forms of Diabetes:
One form of diabetes occurs when the immune system attacks and permanently disables the insulin-making cells in the pancreas. This is type 1 diabetes, once called juvenile-onset, or insulin-dependent, diabetes.
The other form of diabetes begins when muscle and other cells stop responding to insulin’s open-up-for-glucose signal. The body responds by making more and more insulin, essentially trying to ram blood sugar into cells. Eventually, the insulin-making cells get exhausted and begin to fail. This is type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes used to be called adult-onset diabetes, since it was almost unheard in children. But with the rising rates of childhood obesity, it has become more common in youth, especially among certain ethnic groups.
• Prevention of Diabetes;
Making a few lifestyle changes can lower the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.
1. Weight Control - Excess weight is the single most important cause of type 2 diabetes. Being overweight increases the chances of developing type 2 diabetes seven fold. Being obese makes you 20 to 40 times more likely to develop diabetes than someone with a healthy weight.
Losing weight can help if your weight is above the healthy-weight range. Losing 7-10 % of your current weight can cut your chances of developing type 2 diabetes in half.
2. Get moving (Be more active) – Inactivity promotes type 2 diabetes. Working your muscles more often and making them work harder improves their ability to use insulin and absorb glucose. This puts less stress on your insulin-making cells.
3. Tune up the diet – A. Choose whole grains and whole grain products over highly processed carbohydrates. (Whole grains are rich in essential vitamins & minerals that may help reduce the risk of diabetes.)   B. Skip the...


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