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The Cloning Process

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Friday Focus Seminar Handout: CLONING

By Sarah Choo-Yick and Shivali Sikki

What is a clone?

            A clone is an exact genetic copy of a living thing. Thus, a clone can be an animal, human, or plant genetically identical to its “donor” parent. The gene of a clone determines its characteristics like hair color, eye color, and height. Therefore cloning is a type of eugenics. Eugenics is the science of developing a human or animal population using controlled breeding.

      The Cloning Process

The life of a clone begins in a laboratory petri dish. There are five steps to cloning:

1) Enucleation of the recipient egg                     2) Transfer of the donor cell into the egg cell

3) Fusion of the nucleus of both cells             4) Culturing the embryo in an incubator

5) Transferring the developing embryo

    into the uterus of woman

Cloning in Humans

This act is illegal in some countries and has just been terminated in Canada on October 28th, 2003. Those who are interested in human cloning are infertile couples, those fascinated to see an exact replica of them, and people who have died and would like to relive a new life. Up to this date, human cloning has not yet been possible since many problems arise in its process and many ethical questions are placed towards its outcomes.

Various Sides of Human Cloning

Some people are against human cloning, while others support it. Their decision is based on their desires and their religion. Those who are definitely against human cloning are anti-abortion lobbyists and Roman Catholics. Scientists are for this technology, while some Christian sects, Muslims, doctors, and everyday citizens have split decisions.

Arguments that are likely to arise in a debate over human cloning are:

-         the physical and psychological beings of the clone

-         the quality of parenting and family life of a clone

-         the objection of cloned children...


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