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English Grammer Practice

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Fill in the blanks with suitable –be forms.
  1. Last evening, we _____ at a theatre.We ______early, so we _____ able to get tickets easily. We ___ in our seats by 6. The film _____ interesting .It _____ all about a man’s fight against terrorism. We had dinner at a restaurant and _____ back home at 10.
  2. I ____ doing a course in fashion designing. It _____ a 3 months course. My college _____ a little faraway but there ______ plenty of buses. The course _____   interesting. There _____ many jobs available for fashion designers.
  3. Last night, the sky _____ beautiful. the moon _____ full and shone brightly. The stars _____ twinkling. I ______ watching the sky from my window. It___ indeed a lovely sight!.
  4. We live in the city. City life ______ indeed very difficult. Everything ____ so expensive. Rents _____ high, the cost of essential things _____ high, there _____ a water shortage and there _____ frequent power cuts. Further buses ___ crowded. There _______ traffic jams every where and it _______ not possible for people to reach their destinations on time!
  5. Children these days _______very intelligent. They _______ quick at learning new things. But they _____ difficult to handle. They ______ very independent.
  6. We ____ now in our new house. It _____ our own house. We______ earlier in a rented house. It   _____ a big house. There ______ five large rooms. But there ______ no garden. Our new house _____ not big but ______ comfortable. There _______ a big garden. There ________ big trees in the garden.
  7. Raghu ______ in a small firm earlier. The pay _____ less and the hours of work _____ longer than the present   one. The boss ____ very strict.The job _____ also very difficult. The present job _____ easy. The pay ______ good and the timings _______ flexible. The boss ________ liberal. Raghu ______ very happy now.


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