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Cabin Crew

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You decided you want to be a Flight Attendant. That’s great! What comes next? You will start researching companies that (still) hire, you will fill in online applications, browse recruitment events in your city, read about introductions, assessments, tasks, questions and maybe answers. There’s a lot of information out there. What does it really take to be successful from the first try? The key is to be prepared and know what to expect. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 92 practical and powerful tips you can start using right away. So, sit back, start reading and get ready to rock your interview.


Google stage
1. Research the airlines. Get the basic info from their ‘About us’ page or Wikipedia. Decide if that specific airline is what you are looking for in an employer. 2. Look for the basic requirements and only go to the recruitment events if you meet them. There is no point in dreaming you will get the job if you have a tattoo on your neck or you are too short to reach the required height mark. 3. Research the country where the airline is based and decide if a life there is a good fit for you. Living in the Middle East might be a dream for some but not an acceptable option for others. 4. Understand the lifestyle and only go for it if it suits you. Being a flight attendant requires you to be flexible with your working hours, weekends and holidays. Is this something you are willing to do? 5. Browse the recruitment events and decide if you want to wait until something comes up in your country or you are willing to travel for the interviews. 6. Find out what is expected from you during the recruitment event.


Prepare your application
7. Build your CV in a simple manner. When you go for an Open Day, the recruiters spend only one minute reading your resume. 8. Simplify and delete all that is not necessary. You shouldn’t have...


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