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Uniforms: the Superman for Schools

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Uniforms: The Superman for Schools

In one school, after school uniforms were implemented, school-related crime dropped 36%! I believe that school uniforms are good for students, parents, and teachers because they help break down barriers between the “cool” and the “un-cool”, they make students safer, and they relieve stress on the family.

Many people who are against uniforms say that uniforms take away students’ freedom of expression, crushing their creativity and stifling their individualism. However, school uniforms actually help students to interact more with each other. The main reason popular kids form cliques which reject other “losers” is because they all have fashionable, name-brand clothing, such as Hollister or Ugg. The students who cannot afford to buy this expensive clothing are cast out and harassed by the rest of the school, which can lead to several problems: low self-esteem, depression, and a feeling of inferiority. With school uniforms, though, everyone is put on the same level, since no uniform is more stylish than the next. The limiting barrier that non-uniform schools create is broken and allows children to interact with each other more freely. Thus, because students no longer look at each other based on what they wear, students begin to judge others based on their character and ability, rather than their external appearance. This would increase all students’ self-esteem and would help them concentrate more on their schoolwork and tests, rather than what they will wear tomorrow.

Not only do uniforms break down barriers between the popular and unpopular, they also make students safer in school. For example, when students are all wearing different clothing, it is very difficult for a teacher to spot an outsider or an intruder in the school. On the other hand, because uniforms are only sold to students of the particular school, a trespasser can be easily seen and dealt with because they wear different clothing. Also, when students wear...


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