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New Study Area: Psychology

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New study area: Psychology
By Vera
    This term, I have been working extremely hard on only one thing—changing my major form management science to psychology, which finally come true. Several days after I got the good news, I had been doubting whether it was true or not. During the past five years, I always had a fantastic dream of studying psychology as my major; however, unfortunately I failed in the College Entrance Examination and came to another school and another major—management school, management science, which made me very sad. However I never give up my dream, so I decided to change my major if I have a chance. That’s what I am today.
So I want to introduce psychology to you.
Psychology is a young and growing science that touches on a broad range of human activities. In general, however, one can say that psychology tries to explain why people act, think, and feel the way they do. Psychologists are interested not only in how individual minds work but also in the various interactions   of minds in society. It should be noticed that psychology provides methods of analyzing and understanding human behavior and emotions that are not based on moral codes.
It is important not to confuse psychology with psychiatry   which is a branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of serious mental disorders. Psychiatrists, who work in hospitals, use a variety of methods including drugs, light therapy and electric shock treatments to cure or to control mentally disturbed people. However, the work of both psychiatrists and psychologists often involves an analytical   process which interprets the unconscious or subconscious   forces that prevent a person from functioning satisfactorily in daily life. By analyzing these forces and making the person aware of them, it is often possible to help the person deal with his or her mental and emotional problems.
  The whole field of psychoanalysis originated with the research of the Austrian doctor,...


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